Light Mason Jar Cover Free Crochet Pattern

Mason jars are perfectly versatile decorations for the home that add even more character when covered with a crochet cozy. You can create a beautiful candlelit scene in your home or use these handy jars to hold writing instruments, crochet hooks, flowers and more. The crochet cozy is easy to make with Mason Jar Cover Free Crochet Patterns.

 Light Mason Jar Cover Free Crochet Pattern

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Crochet Jar Cover

This cozy is a cool way to decorate a mason jar, which can hold a tea light, drinks, food, flowers, utensils, pens, scissors, buttons, yarn scraps or anything you wish. A cozy is a great way to “wrap” your gift – just add a tag and a bow and you’re done! The cozy will protect furniture from scratches and makes a nice barrier from hot or cold contents. When a tea light or candle is placed in the jar, the cozy’s open stitching creates a nice luminary effect.

Add a little pretty crochet to a plain jar and make something nice! Click below link under photo for free pattern…

Mason Jar Cover FREE Crochet Pattern

Mason Jar Cover