Crochet Solomon Knot With Pattern

Do you love crochet? In this post, we are going to introduce something called Crochet Solomon Knot. It isn’t your average crochet stitch.This is a unique crochet technique that expands upon your basic crochet skills to create an entirely new look for your craft work. It is made of a lengthened chain stitch and then locked with a single crochet stitch worked into its back loop. It produces a terrific openwork mesh design.It is a looser stitch which aids in the speed of how fast this goes and when made into a clothing piece like a shawl or scarf, makes it light enough for summer. While it’s a classic lace stitch, the final product doesn’t have to be overly lacy — you have lots of control for easily altering this stitch pattern.

Crochet Solomon Knot With PatternHow beautiful this Crochet Solomon Knot is. With this technology, you can make a pretty shawl, scarf, dress …for yourself, or as a perfect handmade gift for your little girl or your friends. Check out the beautiful patterns below to learn more how to crochet Solomon’s Knot.

How to Crochet Solomon’s KnotHow to Crochet Solomon’s Knot stitchCrochet Solomon’s Knot Shawl Tutorial

Crochet Solomon's Knot Baby Dress

Crochet Solomon’s Knot Baby Dress with Free Pattern

Crochet Solomon's Knot Baby Skirt

Paid Pattern—Baby Crochet Skirt Pattern Lovers Knot

Crochet Solomon's knot scarf

Paid Pattern—Crochet Solomon’s knot scarf

Crochet Solomon's knot scarf Crochet Solomon’s KnotCrochet Solomon’s KnotCrochet Solomon’s KnotCrochet Solomon’s Knot

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