Crochet Pretty Bracelets with Patterns

Bracelets are now all the rage and a lot of people use them now to make fashionable style statements of their wrists or forearms! Crochet is the ideal craft for small accessories. You can create a fun crocheted piece of jewelry and no limit to use the embellishments and charms. You can add the slouchy buttons to your bracelet or can dignify them using religious metal symbols! They are perfect to accessorize your spring and summer wardrobe.

Different recommendations have been given according to modern trends and one can choose any in accord to her/his unique taste! Check out the links below to get the respective crochet patterns. Choose one in any color or even ombre/variegated yarns for some real color pop. Now devoting your time and ingenuity to yourself or someone you love.

Crochet Pretty Bracelets with Patterns

1.Broomstick Lace Bracelet

Free pattern via Cult of Crochet

Crochet Pretty Bracelets with Patterns

2.Hunky Chunky Bracelet

Tutorial via Potter and Bloom

Hunky Chunky Bracelet

3.Hairpin Lace Bracelet

Free pattern via Nadessa at Work 2

Crochet hairpin lace bracelet

4.Simple Rainbow Bracelet

Free Pattern via Jessie at Home

Simple Rainbow Bracelet

5.Curry Cuff Bracelet

Free pattern via Ravelry

curry cuff Bracelet

6.Beaded Chains Bracelet

Free pattern  via Ravelry

Beaded Chains Bracelet

7.Zigzag Bracelet

Free pattern viaOombawka Design Crochet

zigzag Bracelet

8.Star Bracelet

Free pattern via Ravelry

Star Bracelet